The Kent Procon Group

About Us

About Us

The Kent Procon Group is one of the prominent real estate companies based in Gujarat, Ahmedabad, highly appreciated by the clients for offering reliable and prompt realty services according to the various needs and requirements of the clients. Being one of the top Builders & Developers, we are known for developing some of the most spectacular and durable buildings and structures in the region. We are also offering Architectural Services catering to the various architectural needs and requirements of the clients. As a reputed company, we provide prompt services at the most reasonable charges keeping in mind the sole interest of the clients. The Numeric Strength : The number of smiles says it all ! With the most comprehensive services portfolio in the industry, The Kent Group in keeping with their intrinsic relationship-centered business model, covering the spectrum of real estate, resulting in thousands of satisfied customer families. Who were we and what are we now? Back in 1998, we saw a dream. A dream of making it to the top of the real estate industry. A dream of doing it differently, with conviction in thoughts and honesty in their hearts. The group saw its genesis in 1999. We started off with confidence in a 250 square feet premise. A rented office! Different fields started working in tandem to create what is known as the Kent Group today! Today, after almost 13 years, we own 5,000 square feet corporate office! Every department related to the real estate development business is in-house. Years of hard work paid off ! God blessed ! Affiliated Group Companies/Firms : The group has an extensively diversified profile with several companies/firms working, hand-in-hand together.

  • Kent Procon P. Limited
  • Kent Infrastructure P. Limited
  • Kent Realty
  • Kent Agro Products P. Limited

The scope of work includes but is not limited to Real estate plots, weekend villas, clubs, related amenities, greenhouses, agricultural activities and renewable energy projects such as solar projects. What has been done / is being done [Current Projects] :

  • The idiosyncrasy of the group is to be a different. To stand-out. Be it project concepts or deliverance.
  • Tuscany Ozone is being developed on the Kerala-Nalsarovar Road by one of the group firms as a Joint Venture. It is located just before Kensville, The Golf Club. The project Tuscany Ozone is spread over an expanse of about approximately 15 lac square yards !!
  • Solar power project at Kutch: The future is renewable energy. Depleting levels of petrol and natural fuels has led us to find alternate means. As they rightly say, Necessity is the mother of invention. The group is planning to launch a solar park in the coming months and has given a turnkey solution to a 20 MW plant already up and running in Kutch, Gujarat.
  • And finally, at Kalp Greens, for perhaps the first time in Gujarat, a beautiful and auspicious temple of Lord Shri Mutthappan surrounded by plots for weekend living!

It is commonly seen that projects offering weekend homes and plots often lie barren and unused due to lack of proper usage. Fertile soil is often wasted after conversion to N.A. We have concentrated upon minimal wastage of soil fertility and water. If we, as realty developers, tend to be a little more aware towards depleting oxygen levels, much can be done for posterity.